Benefits of a private tracker

When compared, private and public truckers offer different torrenting when you are on your Seedbox. Private trackers offer more security and speed when compared to the public trackers. They allow faster download, which are safer. With a private tracker, you can seed and leech at any moment without having to face issues like slow networks, and uneven ratios. Downloads are as fast as uploads, which keeps the ratio at a perfect 1;1 most times. One of the most appreciated benefits of the private tracker is that the downloading is safer. Only people with access can upload any content the tracker. This ensures there are no viruses in the torrents and there is minimal damage during seeding and leeching. With private tracking, you won’t face any aggressiveness form undesirable people. The trackers use special methods to filter out these kinds of people and keep your torrents safe.

With a private tracker, you have a way better speed when downloading and uploading. This is a very big advantage you will have over any public trackers. On private torrents, you are obligated to send back and share as you download. When there are more senders, you will experience even better speeds. The ratio remains perfect and the download speed at its best. Joining a private tracker forum will give you a sense of community. This is usually underrated as most people do not see the need of this. With a good community, you will move to trackers that will take care of needs. If you are into seeding and leeching movies, music and games you will find the best community for that specific need. There is a diversity that also comes with private tracking.  You can gain access to groups and signups with better trackers who will teach you everything you need to know for a better experience.